We all deserve ownership over our own sexual and body sovereignty.

We all deserve deeply nourishing intimacy and connection.

For centuries in Western society, we have been sexually disembodied. Our collective cultural experiences with sex and sexuality is embeded within the fragmentation of trauma. Shame and guilt gets repressed and other words, stored in the body when oppressing eros and our felt desire to be in expression of our sexual truth and embodied pleasure.

In our time together, we will journey into relationship with your own sexuality, sexual narrative, and bodily felt sensations as we unearth patterns that block, distort, or challenge intimacy, connection, and pleasure. We can explore ways of cultivating and being with desire as we reclaim ownership over our own sexual sovereignty, within the relationship with ourself, as well as in current/future partnerships.

Delightedly open and competent in receiving and holding containership for those who identify as BIPOC & LGBTQIA+ ; of all genders, sexual orientation, relationship orientation, race, and cultural background.