My integrative approach to psychotherapy lends the spaciousness for one to experience themselves from the inside out. My approach is always client-centered and in understanding that you are the expert of your own experience. I utilize modalities such as somatic approaches to therapy, mindfulness, Gestalt, Jungian depth, psychology, and attachment theory.

In our modern western society, we are guided into the belief that our ego is the central element of what makes us who we are, and through this, we have a tendency to avoid the most poignant part of our psyche, the unconscious. When space is held for one to explore these depth realms in a non-judgemental, therapeutic relationship, the opportunity arises to symbolically weave together the colorful threads that aid in revealing the beautiful tapestry that is our whole being.

Delightedly open and competent in receiving and holding containership for those who identify as BIPOC & LGBTQIA+ ; of all genders, sexual orientation, relationship orientation, race, and cultural background.